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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Taking the Plunge

First off, I hate to write. The chief reason I've started this blog is that I need somewhere to post (mostly fiber & sewing related) project notes to myself that I can find again. I lose both pieces of paper and cryptically named files on my machine. :p

Maybe my notes will help other folks with their projects, too... since y'all can see them here.

Drama and rants will only turn up here on rare and momentous occasions, with any luck.

Pictures will turn up from time to time, but I'm a technoklutz with both camera and this interface... so don't hold your breath (just failed to upload a sort of 'billboard' picture of my cats).

Comments are welcome unless they're rude or obscene, in which case they will land in the bit bucket as soon as I discover them. :p

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