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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Stitch Chart

This is the chart I used for the sweater at the Ravelry link below. It's a 24 stitch x 20 row repeat, and is Stitch World #426. It's also included in at least one of the supplementary card packs from Silver Reed (aka Studio, Singer, Knitmaster) and in their Stitch Library books also.

The chart is also suitable for slip stitch and fair isle and knitweave techniques (by machine or by hand).

NB: every row worked is shown on this chart, but one could double it either in length, width, or both for different effects. IMO it will be 'blocky' looking if both length and width are doubled at once.

It kind of looks like interlaced tripods to me; in fairisle it can be somewhat arabesque, or have a sci-fi look, depending on the colors used. ;) Solid with a multicolor contrast is interesting in fair isle; I made a sample for Rainbow Mills' Crayons yarn (micro weight) some years ago.



hugman95 said...

Beautiful sweater. I punched out a card with the same pattern, but I altered it a little. What kind of stitch did you use? I tried it in fairisle, but the swatch looked a little too wierd for me - of course, I used neon orange and purple - I wonder if that had anything to do with my opinion?!?


evilcostumelady said...

Thanks, Aaron! LOL your color combination... the chart looks good in fairisle with lower contrast. The sweater in the picture was knit as a knit/purl pattern using a G-carriage on my Brother 940. I had also used the chart to knit in fairisle using one solid and one space-dyed color of Rainbow Mills Crayons Micro for a sample for them... it was attractive (but not the colorways I would have chosen for myself. I've made swatches of it in knitweave, but haven't made any projects yet... thinking about a bag.