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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Leafy Bits

Found this lace motif used as an insertion in an old Phildar pattern book. The stitch count stays the same in all rows, unlike many 'leaf' motifs in lace.

The decreases in rows 7 & 9 are SSSK, like SSK only over 3 sts, and K 3 tog. The purl (-) sts add the relief needed to make this look more like leaves with stems. (If hand knitting, ignore the leaning K sts that don't have a 'T' -- they indicate to machine knitters doing hand manipulated transfers which direction the stitches should move to form the eyelet.

The edge stitches are added (it's actually only a 19 stitch repeat) because I'm hand knitting the insertion separately from the rest of the sweater, which is being knitted on my Artisan 70-D machine.

Pix forthcoming presently....

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